Branding Guidelines

(i.e. how to use our trademarks)

These Branding Guidelines are a part of the Terms of Service, available at []. Capitalized terms not defined herein are as defined in the Terms of Service.

The brand includes the words, phrases, symbols, logos, designs, and other brand collateral that are associated with and the Services (each, a “Mark”, and collectively, the “Marks”).

The following guidelines apply to the use of all Marks:

  1. You shall not use Marks: in a manner that implies endorsement, partnership, sponsorship by, or for sales or marketing purposes, unless approved in writing (including by email) by; to disparage, its products or services; on materials associated with pornography or illegal activities; in a manner which, in’s reasonable judgment, may diminish or damage its goodwill in the Mark; or in any way that would violate the Terms of Service, available at [].

  2. You shall not combine any part of the Marks with your name, marks or any generic terms.

  3. You shall not use names or logos that imitate or could be confused with the Marks. You shall at all times use the Marks in a manner consistent with trademark laws. Please notify immediately of any improper, infringing, confusing or unauthorized use of’s Marks of which you become aware.

  4. You agree to cease all use of Marks upon written notification by (including by e-mail). You agree not to take any action which might lead a third party to think’s Mark is owned by you, or which might adversely impact’s reputation.

  5. You shall not assert rights over the brand whether by trademark registration, domain name registration or anything else.

  6. You may use only’s word marks, which specifically excludes’s logos and graphics, to designate compatibility or other descriptive/referential uses. . You may not use the phrase “built by”, but you may use the phrases “built with” or “built in” to describe applications running on our Services. In such uses, text mentions must be capitalized (e.g. “” NOT “”).

  7. If you would like to use any Mark other than word marks as noted above, you must email Include in your e-mail: 1) your name, 2) your e-mail, and 3) a detailed description of how you plan to use the Mark.

  8. If provides specifications for presentation or use of a Mark, including, but not limited to spacing, proportions, fonts, colors, etc., you must comply with these specifications.

  9. You shall follow’s Terms of Service available at []. Direct questions concerning proper use of the Marks to