This provider will keep a reference on the complete Famo.us library and provide a few useful functions.


registerModule(key, module)

Register the modules that will be available in the $famous service

Param Type Details
key String

the key that will be used to register the module

module Misc

the data that will be returned by the service


Given an scope, retrieves the corresponding isolate.

Param Type Details
scope Object
  • Returns: Object The requested isolate


given a selector, retrieves the isolate on a template-declared scene graph element. This is useful for manipulating Famo.us objects directly after they've been declared in the DOM. As in normal Angular, this DOM look-up should be performed in the postLink function of a directive.

Param Type Details
selector String

the selector for the elements to look up

  • Returns: Array an array of the isolate objects of the selected elements.