This directive is used to specify the rendering order of elements inside of a ViewSequence-based component, such as @link faScrollView faScrollView} or @link faGridLayout faGridLayout}. As a special case, when elements are added to these controls using ng-repeat, they are automatically assigned the $index property exposed by ng-repeat. When adding elements manually (e.g. to a faScrollView but not using ng-repeat) or in a case where custom order is desired, then the index value must be assigned/overridden using the faIndex directive.


 <fa-surface fa-index="0">Surface 1</fa-surface>
 <fa-surface fa-index="1">Surface 2</fa-surface>


Fa-index determines the order of which the surfaces appear in the sequential view. In this example below, a Scroll View is created with two nested fa-view's, both of which have an fa-index of 0 and 1, respectively.

If fa-index is declared explicitly, it will override any default order of fa-view's declared in html. If fa-views are created with an ng-repeat, they are automatically assigned the $index property, unless explicitly set. The fa-view with the blue background color appears after the one with the red background because its fa-index is set to 1.

fa-scroll-view accepts another directive called fa-start-index as an attribute, which determines which fa-view the Scroll View displays by default. Fa-start-index will not affect the sequential order of the layout; the fa-view with the red background will be layed out first, followed by the one with the blue background. By setting fa-start-index to 1, the Scroll View will display the View with the index of 1, which is the View with the blue background color.

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<fa-app ng-controller="IndexCtrl"> 

 <!-- The scroll View will start at the index of 1 -->
  <fa-scroll-view fa-pipe-from="eventHandler" fa-options="options.scrollView" fa-start-index="1">

    <!-- Even though this view is declared first in html, it will will be layed out 2nd -->
    <!-- On page load, the scroll View will scroll to this view, and display it.  -->

     <fa-view fa-index="1">
        <fa-modifier fa-size="[320, 320]">
           <fa-surface fa-pipe-to="eventHandler" 
                       <p>Scroll me back!</p>

     <fa-view fa-index="0">
        <fa-modifier fa-size="[320, 320]">
           <fa-surface fa-pipe-to="eventHandler" 
                       <p>Scroll me!</p>

angular.module('faIndexExampleApp', ['famous.angular'])
  .controller('IndexCtrl', ['$scope', '$famous', function($scope, $famous) {

   var EventHandler = $famous['famous/core/EventHandler'];
   $scope.eventHandler = new EventHandler();
   $scope.list = [{content: "famous"}, {content: "angular"}, {content: "rocks!"}];
   $scope.options = {
     scrollView: {
       direction: 0 // displays the fa-views horizontally

fa-app {
  width: 320px;
  height: 320px;
  overflow: hidden;
p {
  padding: 8px 8px;